Zone thermoregulation for more sustainable neighbourhoods

Reducing consumption, an increasingly felt issue among citizens dealing with high bills, is essential for the development of livable and sustainable cities. Perry Electric's building automation solutions offer interesting opportunities in this sector. Significant is the case of an intervention to decommission the heating plant of a super-condominium with a ring power circuit, underway in a neighborhood in the center of Milan.

The intervention

The works involved 11 towers, for a total of 663 apartments in which there are 2652 heating elements. In addition to the construction of thermal insulation, the replacement of the only boiler that powered the neighborhood was planned with the installation of hybrid systems, positioned on the roof of each building. To improve comfort in the individual housing units, limit overall energy consumption and guarantee the maximum possible sustainability of the intervention, as per the client's request, Perry Electric's CDOM technological platform was chosen for zoned thermoregulation and display of consumption.

The solutions selected

The heating system learns the heat request coming from the individual zones via the Perry BMS control unit, connected to the 663 CDOM home automation control units installed in the apartments, modulating the power based on the actual request. The 663 CDOMs interface with 2652 VTRX05 electronic valves equipped with rechargeable batteries; as many heat cost allocators and 663 domestic water meters transmit information on consumption to the CDOM. This equipment offers each user multi-zone thermoregulation of the rooms and full control of water and heat consumption, both locally via the CDOM display and remotely via the appropriate APP. Furthermore, the heat manager can monitor the operation of the entire system via WEB through the appropriate synoptic.

Finally, a condominium wi-fi network has been planned dedicated to the building automation infrastructure, to be able to communicate remotely with the various CDOMs and upload all data relating to energy consumption to the Cloud.