New Wi-Fi and NFC Time Switches

A range of products for maximum programming simplicity both locally and remotely with the new Perry APP


The new range of Perry products is proposed as the most practical, intuitive and versatile solution for the timing of all electrical loads in the domestic, industrial and tertiary sectors.

The range consists of products with NFC connectivity and products with Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks to the application shared with all products, the Perry range represents maximum flexibility. Depending on the devices, it is possible to interact with the system in one of the following ways:


  • Via keyboard and display on board the product
  • Via application with NFC connection
  • Locally: via the device's Hotspot connection
  • Remotely: in the presence of an internet connection.


The simplicity of installation, initial programming and maintenance is proving to be an increasingly important quality and appreciated by both professional and private users.

It is from this awareness that Perry has developed its new range of digital time switches consisting of 6 different products:

Two versions with Wi-Fi connection

Four versions with NFC connectivity

The new range allows the setting of even complex programs, with a minimum intervention of 1 second and, only the WiFi versions, with an annual calendar.

The new application, which allows you to save the programming already carried out, makes the product start-up phase immediate and maintenance operations very fast.


From today, programming and controlling devices locally and remotely will no longer be a problem.



1IO0022WIFI – WiFi Time Switch 1 Contact

1IO4091WIFI – WiFi Astronomical Switch 1 Contact

1IO7081NFC – NFC Time Switch 1 Contact

1IO7281NFC – NFC Time Switch 2 Contacts

1IO4091NFC – NFC Astronomical Switch 1 Contact

1IO4291NFC – NFC Astronomical Switch 2 Contacts