Controlled mechanical ventilation unit with Wi-Fi connection

In environments that are increasingly closed and isolated from the outside, also as a result of energy efficiency measures, the installation of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation is considered to be of fundamental importance both to guarantee a good level of air quality and to prevent the formation of mold.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation inside the housing unit allows, through automatic extraction and intake cycles, the constant exchange of air in the rooms with a low loss of thermal energy thanks to the ceramic exchanger to safeguard heating energy consumption.

Through the extraction and introduction cycles it guarantees the constant exchange of air in the rooms, with low thermal energy loss to safeguard heating energy consumption.

Humidity control:  equipped with temperature and humidity sensors that allow you to set the ventilation modes independently, preventing the formation of mold and humidity. The sensors also allow you to remotely control the humidity % and temperature status of the rooms.

Connected to the internet: built with 4.0 technology, through an App downloadable on a smartphone, it allows you to control the temperature and humidity status of the rooms by remotely activating the ventilation of the rooms. A very useful function to avoid the accumulation of humidity and mold in second homes.

Coordinated action: can be used as a point ventilation system for a single room or with multiple units installed as a ventilation system for the entire housing unit.

Installable from inside: the particular structure of the VMC Perry allows it to be installed from inside the home, significantly reducing installation times and costs.


VMC Wi-Fi Perry the most advanced technology to ensure good air quality in residential homes, in the tertiary sector and in public buildings.

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