1LE 002

Emergency lamps. extractable torch 2-Module

2-MODULE extractable torch, which complies with Italian standard CEI 64-8, guarantees safety lighting of rooms in which it is installed. The high efficiency LED it is equipped with, comes on when there is a power-supply voltage failure.


The torch may be extracted from its housing and used to give light to different places from where it is installed.

A practical switch placed on the front panel enables switching on/switching off.


The two Led signals (red and green) communicate the operation condition of the lamp:

Green: operative - battery charging and when there is a blackout, it activates safety lighting

Red: inhibited - battery charging and when there is a blackout, the torch remains off.


It is possible to change the battery (supplied) by accessing the door at the rear of the device.


The torch 1LE 002 is equipped with a screw that, if used, prevents extraction of the lamp from its housing anti-theft function for nstallation in open or public places.


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