The most advanced and efficient answer for the thermoregulation of every radiator.

The VTRX05 intelligent electronic valves installed in radiator systems can be associated to CRM4.0 for the realization of multimedia multizone systems and/or installed stand alone on radiators/towel warmers of the house.

The VTRX05 installed stand-alone allow to turn on radiators with precise regulation of temperature set T1 (comfort temperature), T2 (reduction temperature) through the valve frontal buttons.

The VTRX05, equipped with intelligent self-learning, regulate the hourly periods of comfort (T1) and reduction (T2) according to the trend of life of the user thus assuming the function of daily programmable thermostat applied to each radiator of the house.

VTRX05 is realized with hardware and firmware solutions that allow to reduce the natural difference between temperature measured by VTRX probe and real room temperature.

Moreover, through the valve menu it is possible to access the off-set function for further adjustments between the value read by the VTRX temperature probe and the real room temperature.

The VTRX05 valve is realized with modulating operation of the thermostatic valve to minimize the energy consumption of each radiator.

The stand-alone installation of the intelligent electronic valve VTRX05 is easy to use for the reduction of energy consumption from heating of:

• Radiators and towel warmers installed in apartments

Radiators installed in public places: offices, stores, schools, etc.

• Radiators installed in hotel rooms, RSA, etc.

• Power supply 3V 2x1.5V AA batteries - Alkaline

• Built-in room temperature probe

• Operation with ON / OFF or modulating intervention

• Autonomy about 12 months depends on the daily operations

• Max pushing force in closing 8 Bar

• Compatible with thermostatic valves with PN
(Nominal flow rate) 8 Bar and ΔP (differential) 1 Bar

• Battery charger and / or anomalies indication

• Dimensions (L x Ø) 85.5 x 53 mm

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