Perry Electric is an Italian company based in Veniano, in the province of Como, with branches in main European countries; it operated in the electrical and electronics industry for 50 years, designing and producing equipment and systems to control energy, temperature, time and security in accordance with European Directives.

The company satisfies the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and the company’s commitment is to develop quality products that meet the needs of the changing market.

The constant expansion of thermohydraulic and electrical distribution allows Perry to be closer and closer to its customers. Three branches: Spain, France, Germany and the presence in more than 40 countries worldwide
are the heritage of the Company, which pays attention to the needs of every geographical area.

In 2014, Perry Electric inaugurated Perry Emergency, a new division that is fruit of important investments in research and development, which is motivated by the passion and desire to expand the range of products offered to our customers.